MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform for online trading currently. Due to a large number of graphical tools and integrated indicators, one can conduct technical analysis in real time with ease by simply watching exchange rates and efficiently collecting important data. Order execution is under a second, which allows for a quick response to events and making timely decisions. Different types of orders permit to implement any trading strategy.

MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) makes it possible to use a wide range of indicators and expert advisors as well as create and test one’s own trading strategies and scripts.

Key advantages of the platform:

  • Superior security of trading operations;
  • Use of various time intervals for trading;
  • Different types of execution – Instant Execution and Market Execution;
  • Possibility to create and test one’s own indicators and scripts;
  • Effective tools for technical analysis in real time;
  • Possibility to have news feeds from various information agencies. Currently MT4 offers a news feed from world-famous agency Dow Jones.

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முக்கியமான தகவலைப் படியுங்கள்!

ஜூலை 10, 2018 அன்று, மைக்ரோசாப்ட் விண்டோஸ் இயக்க முறைமைகளுக்கான புதுப்பிப்புகளை வெளியிட்டது. இந்தப் புதுப்பிப்புகளை நிறுவிய பின், MetaTrader 4 மற்றும் MetaTrader 5 வர்த்தக தளங்களின் சேவையக கூறுகள் மற்றும் TeamWox அமைப்பு மீண்டும் தொடங்கும் போது செயலிழக்கக்கூடும்:

Windows 8.1க்கான

KB4338815 மற்றும் Windows 7 Service Pack 1 மற்றும் Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1க்கான Windows Server 2012 R2
KB4338818 இணையதளத்தில் உள்ள புதுப்பிப்பு விளக்கங்களின்படி, மைக்ரோசாப்ட் ஏற்கனவே இந்தச் சிக்கல்களைத் தீர்க்கும் பணியில் ஈடுபட்டுள்ளது:

KB4338815 புதுப்பிப்பில் உள்ள அறியப்பட்ட சிக்கல்கள்

அறிகுறி & தீர்வு
இந்தப் புதுப்பிப்பை நிறுவிய பின், நெட்வொர்க் கண்காணிப்பு பணிச்சுமைகளை இயக்கும் சில சாதனங்கள் ரேஸ் நிலையின் காரணமாக 0xD1 நிறுத்தப் பிழையைப் பெறலாம்.     

தற்போது, ​​இந்தச் சிக்கலுக்கு தீர்வு எதுவும் இல்லை.

மைக்ரோசாப்ட் ஒரு தெளிவுத்திறனில் வேலை செய்கிறது மற்றும் ஜூலை நடுப்பகுதியில் தீர்வு கிடைக்கும் என்று மதிப்பிடுகிறது.
SQL சர்வர் சேவையை மறுதொடக்கம் செய்வது எப்போதாவது தோல்வியடையும், Tcp போர்ட் ஏற்கனவே பயன்பாட்டில் உள்ளது\".     

பயிற்சி பெறவும்
சந்தையில் புதியதா? \"தொடங்குதல்\" பகுதியைப் பயன்படுத்தவும். இப்போதே வர்த்தகத்தைத் தொடங்குங்கள்

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is today the world's most popular online trading platform on FOREX , confirmed by numerous ratings and surveys among brokers and traders. This platform (otherwise known as a terminal) is the main working tool for a trader, with which he or she can make transactions in currency and cryptocurrency pairs, as well as with metals, oil, shares and stock indices.

The main advantages of MetaTrader 4™ are combining huge functionality with an intuitive interface, allowing even an unsophisticated user to easily master it and start trading in a few hours.

MT4 is an opportunity to trade at different time intervals from 1 minute to 1 month, to catch the slightest movements of FOREX quotes on tick online charts, apply a variety of trading strategies using orders with both immediate and delayed execution.
MT4 is an impressive opportunity for technical analysis. Experts have developed thousands of indicators for MetaTrader 4, the most popular and tested ones of which are already built into the platform and complemented with the necessary tools for graphical analysis.
MT4 is the possibility of automatic trading (algotrading) with the help of robot advisors — special computer programs designed for trading on Forex and other markets, according to the algorithm embedded in them. These robots make transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week in the currency market, and 7 days a week in the cryptocurrency markets, allowing both beginners and experienced traders to make a profit without having to waste their time and nerves.
MT4 is an opportunity to take advantage of the experience of professional traders using social trading, transferring your capital to management (PAMM service) or copying their transactions automatically (Copy Trading service).

In addition to the above, the MetaTrader 4 trading system includes a news feed informing the trader about the release of various macroeconomic data, as well as other important events in the world that can affect both current quotes and volatility, as well as medium- and long-term trends on FOREX and other financial markets.
Also, using the “Signals” and “Market” tabs located at the bottom of the terminal, a trader can go to the MetaTrader 4 developers portal and purchase a subscription to trading signals there, test and buy hundreds, if not thousands of indicators, scripts and robot advisers. In addition, this portal offers the trader hundreds of experienced programmers, from whom you can order these products individually.
Thus, MT4 is, in fact, a multifunctional complex that can satisfy the professional needs of the trader as much as possible.


It only takes a few minutes to start using the MetaTrader 4 platform. Installing it on your computer is simple and no different from installing any other software or computer game. Just click on the "Download" button on the NordFX website for Windows or Mac, depending on the operating system installed, and then run the file on your computer.

You can see detailed videos on how to install and use MetaTrader 4in your trader's Cabinet in the section “Reference and Training Materials”. You will also find numerous articles and videos there created specifically to make your trading in financial markets as profitable and efficient as possible.

பயிற்சியைத் தொடங்குங்கள்